Core Course Requirements

Natalie Lounsbury holding a newt
Natalie Lounsbury, NRESS Ph.D. Student

All students in the NRESS Ph.D. Program will take NRES 997 Interdisciplinary Research, and one course in each of four core areas while enrolled in the program:

  1.     Natural Sciences
  2.     Ethics/Policy/Law
  3.     Methods
  4.     Seminar

Courses used to satisfy the Natural Sciences, Ethics, and Methods core areas must be at least 3 credits. The Seminar course must be interactive and must be at least 1 credit. Independent study courses may not be used to satisfy core requirements. The student’s Guidance Committee determines which courses on campus will satisfy these requirements.

All additional coursework requirements are determined by the Guidance Committee, with the goal of enhancing the student's field of study or correcting any deficiencies in the student's previous program.

A preliminary Course Approval Form (no signatures required) form must be submitted within the first year of the student's program as an outline of the student's coursework plan. A final version, signed by the student's committee, must be submitted once all required coursework is completed, prior to advancement to candidacy.

Course Approval Form (CAF)