Application Information

Sophie Burke
Sophia Burke, NRESS Ph.D. Student
Fulbright Award Recipient

Applicants to the NRESS Ph.D. Program come from a wide range of undergraduate majors. Individuals are considered based on the quality of their work and its relevance to the particular area of study they wish to pursue.

Most applicants enter the program with a Master's degree. Applicants who do not have a Master’s degree are considered based on academic merit and significant work and/or research experience.  For details see Timeline With/Without Master's Degree.

The applicant must identify a potential advisor who will commit to accepting her/him as a doctoral student if the candidate is admitted to the NRESS program. Upon securing a potential faculty advisor, applicants should indicate this in their application and/or via email to the NRESS Program Coordinator to ensure that the application materials are forwarded to the appropriate faculty member(s).

All application materials for the NRESS program must be sent directly to the UNH Graduate School. Application materials as well as more specific details regarding the application process are available at the UNH Graduate School website.