Alumni Achievement

Stephen Eayrs with Cod
Stephen Eayrs, NRESS '16G

"Having worked in fisheries research around the world for over 30 years it was important to obtain my degree from a world renowned university. The NRESS program ideally suited my needs and challenged me to be a better researcher; it offers access to world class staff, facilities, and support networks, and is sufficiently flexible that I could remain fully employed while studying part time. The NRESS program has significantly broadened my knowledge and extended my research into new and exciting directions."

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Alumni   Position / Employeer
Affleck, Rosa '17G   Research Civil Engineer US Army - Hanover, NH
Alego, Timothy '14G   Environmental Coordinator/Wildlife Biologist at USDA, APHIS, Wildlife Services National Rabies Management Program, Concord, NH
Alvarado-Barrientos, M. Susana '13G Maria Alvarado-Barrientos

CONACYT Research Fellow, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR)

Anderson, Jeanne '06G Jeanne Anderson Research Scientist - an ecologist with research interests centered on the application of high resolution remote sensing (lidar, hyperspectral, and multiple angle sensors) to questions in the earth sciences, landscape ecology and conservation biology.
Andrews, Sarah '14G   Adjunct Professor at Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth, NH
Atwood, Lesley '17G

Postdoctoral Scholar for the Science of Nature & People Partnership (SNAPP) and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCAES)

Aviado, Kimberly '17G

Toxicologist II for the NH Biomonitoring Program, New Hampshire Public Health Laboratories

Ballestero, Heather "13G Heather Ballestero Project Environmental Scientist - Industrial Economics, Portsmouth, NH
Barr, Garrett '07G   Associate Professor & Chair of Biology - King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Bautista, Gabriel Fabian '03G Gabriel Bautista Catholic Priest - Docente ética del desarrollo sostenible en Universidad Católica, Argentina
Bhatt, Maya '05G   Visiting Faculty, Asian Institute of Technology and Management, Nepal
Bowley, Evilene Lopes '05G Evilene Bowley Environmental Health and Safety Officer - Radiation Safety Section, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brennan, Mark '05G Mark Brennan Systems Engineering Manager - BAE Systems
Brereton, Richard '17G Project Manager and Water Resource  Scientist - FB Environmental Associates
Brushett, Lynda '04G Lynda Bruschett Senior Partner, Cooperative Business Development Specialist, Cooperative Development Institute
Principal, Community and Economic Development at Niche Marketing
Bryant, David '02G David Bryant Owner, Fangorn Productions llc
Burakowski, Elizabeth '13G   Research Assistant Professor - EOS, UNH
Burnett, James '02G   Consultant, Lay of the Land
Licensed Forester, Forest Management Planning Specialist, and GIS Mapping Specialist
Cai, Xuyi '08G    
Carduso, Manoel '04G Manoel Carduso Researcher - INPE, Sao Paula Area, Brazil
Carlson, Cynthia '11G Cynthia Carlson Assistant Professor - Civil Engineering, Merrimack College
Carlson, Martha '13G

Owner at Range View Research

Carroll, Abigail '18G   Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology - Amherst College
Cassotto, Ryan '17G   Post-doctoral Research Associate - Cooperative Institute for Rewearch Environmental Sciences (CIRES)- University of Colorado
Cawthern, Thomas '13G   Assistant Professor/Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, Marine Geology - Salisbury University
Chen, Jianjun '07G linkedin icon Air Resources Engineer at California Air Resources Board
Claesson, Stefan '08G Owner of Nearview, LLC, an aerial drone survey company specializing in mapping of natural and cultural resources
Clausen, Jay '15G Jay Clausen Physical Research Scientist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) - Hanover, New Hampshire
Contosta, Alexandra '11G Alix Contosta Research Scientist - Earth Systems Research Center, UNH
Coon, John '12G John Coon Environmental Consultant and Attorney
Corr, Chelsea '14G Chelsea Corr

Visiting Assistant Professor at Bennington College, Bennington, VT

Coster, Stephanie '13G Post-doctoral Fellow - West Virginia University
Member of Newmarket Conservation Commission
Cournane, Jamie Marie '10G   Ground Fish Plan Coordinator - New England Management Fishery Council, Newburyport, MA
Cox, Dorn '15G   Executive Director, Green Start and a farmer working the 250-acre family farm in Lee, NH
Davis, Shannon '11G   Research Associate III, Post-doctoral Investigator - Physical Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
DeLauer, Verna '09G Verna DeLauer Assistant Professor - Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH
Research Scientist - Clark University, Worcester, MA
Eayrs, Stephen '16G Research Scientist - Fishing Technology - Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, ME
Espirito-Santo, Fernando '11G   Lecturer - Environmental Change in Tropics, Lancaster University, UK
Feeney, Rachel '15G Rachel Feeney Social Impact Analyst - New England Fishery Management Council, Newburyport, MA
Figueroa-Nieves, Debora '14G    
Fisk, Justin '15G   Senior Research Scientist - Applied Geosolutions
Fleeger, William, '07G William Fleeger Visiting Senior Scholar, Environmental Policy and Sustainability- Linfield College, Mcminnville, Oregon
Frappier, Amy '06G Amy Frappier Associate Professor, Geociences - Skidmore College
Frappier, Brian '06G    
French, Charles '08G Charles French Program Leader - Community & Economic Development, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Friedman, Mary '10G Mary Friedman Program Coordinator Community and Environmental Planning, Principal Lecturer - Natural Resources and the Environment, UNH
Gaeckle, Jeffrey '06G   Seagrass Ecologist - Nearshore Habitat Program, Aquatic Resources Division - WA State Department of Natural Resources
Garner, Yvette '13G   Assistant Professor of Biology, University of West Georgia
Goodwin, Deborah '11G Deborah Goodwin Associate Professor of Oceanography - Sea Education Association (SEA), Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Grogan, Danielle '16G Danielle Grogan Research Scientist - UNH
Hagen, Stephen '06G Stephen Hagen Senior Research Scientist - Applied GeoSolutions, Durham, NH
Hegarty, Jennifer '09G Jennifer Hegarty Staff Scientist - AER, Inc
Hocking, Daniel '12G Daniel Hocking Assistant Professor of Ecology - Frostburg State University
Honsberger, Ian '15G   2-year Visiting Assistant Professor - Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
Hopkins, Mary '09G    
Houle, James '15G James Houle Program Manager - UNH Stormwater Center, Durham, NH
Howland, David '06G   Senior Lecturer - English Department, UNH
Hunter, Maria '14G Maria Hunter Post-doctoral Researcher - Management and Engineering Technologies International, Inc (METI), Brazil
Iiames, John '06G John Iiames Research Biologist - US Evironmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
Adjunct Professor/Research Biology - North Carolina State University
Jarema, Patricia '13G Patricia Jarema Lecturer at University of New Hampshire
Instructor, Granite State College
Johnson, Brad '11G Bradley Johnson Environmental Planner - Bureau of Land Management, Cody Wyoming
Kallenbach, Cynthia '15G   Assistant Professor - Soil Biogeochemistry, McGill University
Kessler, Neil '16G   My organization, the Flicker Institute, Education Management is beginning work to bring field-based environmental studies opportunities to the Northeast
Kelsey, Eric '14G Eric Kelsey Director of Research at the Mount Washington Observatory
Professor of Atmospheric Science - Plymouth State University
Kim, Su Youn '10G Su Youn Kim Post-doctoral Research Associate - University of Minnesota
Klein, Emily '13G Emily Klein Post-doctoral Fellow - Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Farallon Institute
Koenig, Lauren '17G   Post-doctoral Research Associate - University of Connecticut
Konisky, Raymond '03G    
LaFiandra, Emily '06G   Toxicologist/U.S. Army Public Health Command (Prov)
Lai, Tzu-Ling '11G    
Levine, Dovev '15G   Assistant Dean at the UNH Graduate School
Research Associate for the UNH Sustainability Institute
Staff Fellow for the UNH Provost Office
Lombard Melissa (Smith) '12G Melissa Lombard

Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire

Lord, Fabienne '11G Fabienne Lord Consultant and Project Coordinator, Environment and Sustainability - Montreal, Canada
Lough, John Alexander '08G    
MacLean, Meghan '12G Meghan MacLean Assistant Dean, School for Field Studies - Beverly, MA
Matso, Kalle '12G Kalle Matso Coastal Scientist, Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership
Affiliate Assistant Professor at UNH
McIntire, Cameron '18G   Post-doctoral Appointment - University of New Mexico
McNulty, Steven '91G Clayton Mitchell Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, NCSU Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Miaoulis, Nancy '05G   Ordained Minster/United Church of Christ, Congregational Church of East Sumner, Maine
Mitchell, Clayton '08G Clayton Mitchell Partner at Revolution Energy LLC - Developing Renewable Energy
Lecturer - University of New Hampshire
Mitchell, Shelley '12G Shelley Mitchell Faculty, Hult International School of Business - Cambridge, MA
Morrison, Eric '17G   Post-doctoral Scholar - Earth System Science, University of California-Irvine
Morrow, Penelope '06G   Adjunct Faculty - Women's Studies, UNH
Morse, Nathaniel '14G Nathaniel Morse J.D. Candidate - Boston University School of Law
Nagy, Laura '14G Laura Nagy Adjunct Faculty - Independent Scholar
Nascimento, Lucigleide '10G Lucigleide Nascimento Tenure-track Researcher at Superintendência de Estudos Econômicos e Sociais da Bahia (SEI), a Bahian State Agency
Newman, Julie '04G Julie Newman Director of Sustainability at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Novak, Alyssa '11G   Research Assistant Professor - Earth and Environment, Boston University
Nuss, Philip '12G Philip Nuss

Scientific Officer at European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC), Lombad Italy

Ochieng, Caroline '08G   Research Associate - UWA Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia
Orefice, Joseph  

The Henry Uihlein II & Mildred A. Uihlein Director of the Uihlein Forest, Cornell University

Osio, Giacomo Chato '12G  

Fisheries Officer - European Commission, Joint Research Center - IPSC

Ouimette, Andrew '17G   Research Scientist - ESRC, UNH
Palace, Michael '06G Michael Palace Research Associate Professor - Earth System Research Center, UNH
Pellerin, Brian '04G   Research Soil Scientist - USGS, Sacramento, CA
Peterson, Jacqueline '00G Jacqueline Peterson Associate Professor, Dept of Soil and Crop Sciences/Texas A&M University
Plagge, Amanda '12G  

Visiting Researcher and Lecturer - Thayer School, Dartmouth, Hanover, NH

Pontius, Jennifer '04G Jennifer Pontius Research Professor - University of Vermont
Research Ecolgist - US Forest Service Northern
Powers, Arthur '10G Arthur Powers Vice President & General Counsel at JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc.
Rao, Shivanesh '12G   Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine
Rawlins, Michael '06G  

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts and Associate Director, Climate System Research Center

Read, Alesia '13G Alesia Reid Special Assistant to the Assistant Administrator - NOAA Fisheries in Silver Spring, MD
Rogers, Jeffrey '14G linkedIn icon

Adjunct Reseach Scientist, Center for Coastal Studies (Provincetown, MA)
President at Wayland Home & Design

Rogers, Shannon '11G Shannon Rogers Associate Extension Faculty, UNH
Russo, Rachel '09G   Research Associate, Kleinschmidt Consulting
Saavedra-Diaz, Lina '12G   Professor, University of Magdalena in Santa Marta, Colombia
Salazar, Melinda '02G Melinda Salazar Professor - Western New Mexico University and

Vice President - Seacoast Area Renewable Energy Initiative (SEAREI)

Salisbury, Joseph '03G Joseph Salisbury

Research Associate Professor - Oceanography/Biogeochemistry, UNH

Smith, Mathew '16G Matthew Smith Research Scientist- Organic Dairy Research Farm, UNH

Strauss, William '08G

William Strauss President - FutureMetrics
Director - Maine Energy Systems
Swarthout, Robert '14G

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Appalachian State University

Tardie, Peter Sean '10G    
Tarr, Matthew '17G   Wildlife Specialist, NH Extension
Traister, Elena '10G   Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Chair - Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Treat, Claire '14G Claire Treat

Post-doctoral Research Scientist - University of Eastern Finland

Trubetskova, Irina '10G  

Visiting Professor,  VIT University (Vellore), India

Vadeboncoeur, Matthew '13G Matthew Vadeboncoeur Research Scientist - Earth Systems Research Center, UNH
Veysey-Powell, Jessica '14G Jessica Veysey-Powell Post-doctoral Fellow in Wildlife Ecology & Human Dimensions of Environmental Management, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, UNH
Vincent, Robert '12G Robert Vincent

Marine Advisory Program Manager and Coastal Ecologist - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sea Grant College Program

Walsh-Edmond, Jennifer '15G   NSF Post-doctoral Fellow - Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University
Washburn, Erika '09G Erika Washburn

Manager, Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

White-Jeanneau, Marguerite '08G Marguerite White-Jeanneau Assistant Professor - Dept of Natural Science, North Essex Community College, MA
Wilhelm, Jennifer '17G  

Research & Communications Associate, New Hampshire Food Alliance, The Sustainability Institute, UNH

Yalcin, Kaplan '05   Senior Instructor and Program Director - Oregon State University
York, Katharine '05   Assistant Professor of Biology - Southern New Hampshire University
Zhang, Difei '07    
Zhang, Qingyuan '06G Qingyuan Zhang Research Scientist III, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Zhou, Yong '06G   Research Scientist II, Dept of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

Ziemba, Luke '09G

  Atmospheric Scientist - NASA
Zollett, Erika '08G Erika Zollett Senior Marine Scientist/MRAG Americas and Board Member at Laudholm Trust at Wells Reserve