Abigail D'Ambrosia Carroll


Abigail D'Ambrosia Carroll
Degree:  Earth and Environmental Sciences

Advisor: Dr. William Clyde, Earth Sciences

Research Topic

Extreme Temperature Shifts and Mammalian Physiological Change Associated with Early Eocene Carbon Cycle Perturbations, Bighorn Basin, WY

Abigail's interests involve Early Paleogene paleoclimate and paleobiology.  She aims to understand past climate change events as a tool for predicting future climate change-related ecological and biotic responses.  Her current research combines geochemical and fossil evidence to observe body size patterns of mammals during periods of extreme global warming ~55 million years ago.

Previous Awards and Activities

  • Ellis L. Yochelson Award, Paleontological Society, 2012
  • Associate Member of Sigma Xi, inducted 2007

Selected Presentations and Publications

  • D’Ambrosia, A.R., Clyde, W.C., Fricke, H.C., Chew, A.E., 2014. Stable isotope patterns found in early Eocene equid tooth rows of North America: Implications for reproductive behavior and paleoclimate. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 414, 310-319.
  • D’Ambrosia, A.R., Clyde, W.C., Fricke, H.C., Snell, K., Gingerich, P., 2014. Repetitive mammalian dwarfism associated with early Eocene carbon cycle perturbations. Rendiconti online della Società Geologica Italiana, Vol. 31, pp. 52-53.
  • D’Ambrosia, A.R., Clyde, W.C., Fricke, H.C., Snell, K., Gingerich, P., 2013. Mammalian Dwarfism associated with the Early Eocene ETM2 hyperthermal events, Bighorn Basin, WY.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Program and Abstracts, p. 119.
  • D’Ambrosia, A.R., Clyde, W.C., Fricke, H.C., 2013. Evidence of mammalian body size change across the early Eocene ETM2 hyperthermal event, Bighorn Basin, WY. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 45, No. 1, p. 41.
  • D’Ambrosia, A.R. Paleobiological and paleoclimatological significance of stable isotope patterns across early Eocene Hyracotherium tooth rows, M.S. Thesis. University of New Hampshire, 2012.


M.S., Earth Sciences: Geology, 2012: University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
B.A., Geology, 2007: Smith College, Northampton, MA
A.A., Liberal Arts, 2005: Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA

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