• Andrea Jilling
    Andrea Jilling's Research- Clay-associated organic matter: a hidden source of soil nitrogen?
  • Andrew Robison
    Andrew Robison's Research- Read more ....
  • Rory Carroll
    Rory Carroll - Using landscape genetics and isotopic analyses to develop better conservation practices and sustainable habitat for bobcats. Read more ....
  • Sophia Burke
    Sophia Burke's Research - Read more ....
  • Brooks Kohli
    Brooks Kohli's Research- Read more ....

Researchers Addressing Today’s Environmental Challenges

Both the global environment and our understanding of that environment are changing at rates that are unprecedented in the history of the Earth. Solutions to environmental problems require knowledge of the interaction among physical, biological, environmental, and socioeconomic factors, while ethical considerations underlie both the identification of environmental problems and choice of action. Predicting and preparing for our future in this different world requires that we train a generation of scientists with a foundation in traditional disciplines and an ability to understand the challenge of interfacing among them. The Ph.D. Program in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS) is designed to meet this challenge and to encourage interdisciplinary research on the environment in the broadest sense.

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The NRESS Program is the largest and most interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at UNH

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90% of NRESS alumni are working in universities, laboratories, companies, and NGOs around the world


NRESS students are making a difference in the world – in fields of climate change, sustainability, environmental conservation, policy and more!

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NRESS’ interdisciplinary faculty represent more than 23 departments, research groups, outreach programs and schools