For Prospective Community College Scholars

Community College students interested in a teaching career, and planning to transfer to UNH to complete a bachelor’s degree program in either the College of Engineering and Physical Science (CEPS) or the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture(COLSA), are encouraged to apply to this program in the spring of their second year.

Interested students should contact Dr. Leslie Barber at Great Bay Community College ( or (603- 427-7686)

Students should also contact the UNH Noyce faculty in their most closely allied field for UNH related advising.

Community college students who are considering teaching can enroll in  Education 500 - Exploring Teaching at UNH in Durham or Manchester as a non-degree student.  This course allows you to be in a classroom for 5 hours a week and to learn more about the profession and if it is a good fit for you.  You need to apply for this course around mid October for Spring and mid-March for Fall so that they can find a school placement for you.   See the website for more details