CONNECT Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Challenging Ourselves in a New and Nurturing Environment by Coming Together (CONNECT) Program exists to support and advocate for students from historically excluded populations (People of Color, first-generation and those with demonstrated high-financial need) at the University of New Hampshire. To support incoming students to achieve their social and economic success by providing community, academic and co-curricular resources to assist with earning a college degree.

Vision: One day, every CONNECT student will thrive emotionally and academically at the University of New Hampshire.

The vision affirms the original goal in 1994 by the late Dr. Roger M. Beattie (Special Assistant tot the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management), Dr. Judy Spiller (Assistant VP for Academic Support Services), and student leaders of the Diversity Support Coalition (DSC). Starting in 1994 to initially support students of color with the socio-cultural development at a PWI in Northern New Hampshire.

CONNECT is a community-oriented program that offers students a fast track of educational interventions comprising college readiness, tools/resources, and guidance to earn a post-secondary degree.

The Program aims to address the need to collaborate with UNH Admissions Office with the college’s recruitment and retention efforts for a more racially and class-diverse student body. This has been accomplished with CONNECT Peer Mentors assisting Admissions on high school visits to highlight the benefits of participating in CONNECT.

Since the launching of CONNECT, the Program has made an impact on student participants. (This part will link to testimonials for past participants).

Our highlights include:

  • Building key collaborative partners across campus that are committed to student success.
  • Early determination of critical attributes to student emotional wellbeing
  • Increasing small cohort support from College Peer Mentors providing academic advice throughout the academic year.
  • Creating a grant-funded STEM two-week track of Summer CONNECT Program to help majors in academic transition to campus
  • Ongoing UNH faculty, staff, and upper administration involvement in creating a more inclusive environment on campus.
  • Document GPAs, and student engagement (TOOBS Surveys).
  • Creation of workshop series CONNECT Tuesdays to provide additional relevant information to student cohort.
  • Permanent relationship with Psychology & Counseling Services (PACS) liaison to provide mental health support to students