Fazla Karim

Fazla Karim photo
CONNECT Classic Mentor

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

Year: Sophomore

Major and Minor(if any): Dual major in Finance and IBE (International Business and Economics)  

Hometown: Lewinston, ME

Major and Minor(if any): Dual major in Finance and IBE (International Business and Economics)  

Campus Involvement: CONNECT, TRIO Scholars, Alpha Kappa Psi, First-Year Analyst for Atkins Investment Group, Paul College D&I Committee.  

Favorite Thing About CONNECT: When striving to find the right match for yourself inside the rapidly evolving world that is college, the community part of the program comes in handy. CONNECT is a place where you will find diversity, encouragement, love, and many other things that will help you succeed in your path here at UNH, which is why I enjoy the community part of CONNECT the most! 

Advice to 1st Years: The most important piece of advice I can provide to any first-year student, particularly one who is a member of the CONNECT program, is to be yourself. Don't paint a picture of something you're not to please others. Here at UNH, we value your distinct personality, interests, and passions, which is how you strive most here at UNH. Follow your interests while venturing outside of your comfort zone to discover interests in topics you never thought you'd want. Most significantly, recognize that you have a welcoming group in the form of your Mentors, CONNECT, and the College at UNH to which you have chosen to put your talents (PAUL is the best!) Overall, have fun, be yourself, and remember that there is always help here.

Fun Fact: I am a big foodie and love music 

Pronouns: He/Him/His