What is FindScholars@UNH?

  • See it here:
  • Public website to promote UNH faculty teaching, scholarship, and research
  • Built using Vivo open source platform
  • Showcases scholarly record, research discovery, expert finding, and assessment of impact
  • Enables discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines

What is the Source Data for FindScholars@UNH?

  • myElements provides the single source of data for FindScholars@UNH
  • Specific faculty data that are published on FindScholars@UNH:
    • Faculty profile  (name, dept,  positions,  websites)
    • Publications
    • Research  grants (PI, Investigator)
    • Teaching  (lists  courses  taught)
    • Background  (Education  & Training)

How does FindScholars@UNH Relate?

  • Open source platform that gets data from myElements; enables searching, browsing, etc.
  • Data available in FindScholars@UNH includes
    • Articles,  books, etc.
    • Faculty profile  information (rank, dept,  etc.)
    • Aggregated  scholarship  information by dept
  • Academic department pageshows a selection of faculty activities; FindScholars@UNH shows all activities

Rollout Approach

Academic Technology, in partnership with Research Information Technology, undertook a review and vetting process of the Vivo platform. There were Open Forums held in May  and September 2018. After meeting with stakeholders throughout the spring, changes based on this feedback were made to platform over the summer.    Additional feedback from faculty senate, the myElements Governance Board, and individual researchers and faculty was incorporated before the launch of the first version on Monday, November 26, 2018.   Academic Technology, Research Information Technology and the governance board continue to maintain the FindScholars@UNH roadmap and continuously improve the site.  See the roadmap in the Timeline section of this site.