Using The Ticket Office

Thank you for using the Memorial Union & Student Activities Ticket Office. 

Before submitting your event, please familiarize yourself with these policies and answers to frequently asked questions:


Section 4.14 Ticket Sales

  • All events in the MUB that charge admission must use the MUB Ticket Office to ensure complete and thorough accounting of monies occurs. Donation collections such as “pass the bucket” at events are not allowed. Special circumstances must be approved by the Director.
  • In order to comply with fire codes all attendees at ticketed events must have a ticket.
  • Those requiring use of the MUB Ticket Office must make appropriate arrangements with the Ticket Office at least 5 business days in advance of the event.
  • Applies only in person at Box office, not online: If more than one student ticket can be purchased for an event, customer must show UNH undergraduate student ID for each ticket. 
  • If charging admission for some participants, but not others, everyone needs a ticket.
  • Pre-printed tickets cannot be sold by any organization. Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action.
  • If the event is being held in the MUB, tickets cannot be sold at the door. Be sure to include clear directions on all publicity directing people to the Ticket Office or to MUBTICKETS.COM for e-ticketing options.
  • If the event takes place outside the MUB, it is the organizations responsibility to provide a table and chairs for the Ticket Office staff selling tickets before the event.
  • Recognized student organizations receive up to 1.5 hours of free box office time to use the day of the event. If an organization would like the box office open outside business hours, for more than 1.5 hours, they will be charged $10.00 per half hour, per MUB employee.
  • Non-student groups/departments/others using the Ticket Office will be charged a $20.00 service fee. If box office service is required outside regular business hours, groups will be charged $10.00 per half hour, per MUB employee. 
  • All customers who purchase a ticket online will be charged a convenience fee. The fee will be collected by the Memorial Union Building, not the organization hosting the event.
  • Failure to inform the Ticket Office of a cancelled event, or failure to use the Ticket Office after completing an agreement will result in a $10.00 per half hour, per MUB employee charge.
  • The MUB has one ticket scanner that can be used for events. If more scanners are needed they are: $125.00 each to rent. Rental fee will be the responsibility of the organization requesting the extra scanners.
  • To avoid confusion, please be consistent in the way you advertise prices. Use the following language:  UNH Undergraduate Student, UNH Graduate Student, UNH Faculty/Staff, Other
  • Add the link for online ticket sales: MUBTICKETS.COM.
  • If funded by SAFC be sure to include “Funded by your Student Activity Fee”.
  • Bring the Ticket Office a flier for the event so we can add it to our flyer board.
  • To receive the UNH undergraduate student price, a student must have paid the Student Activity Fee
  • UNH Graduate students and UNH Manchester students do not pay the Student Activity Fee, thus, are not eligible for the UNH undergraduate student price, unless otherwise noted.
  • Funds raised for a charity will be sent directly by the MUB to the organization. It is the organizations responsibility to give accurate information regarding the charity to Maureen Claussen (SAFC Financial Consultant) 
  • Each organization will receive a report of tickets sold and money raised. This will be emailed to the organization representative noted on the Sales Agreement no later than two business days after the event has been completed.