The Memorial Union & Student Activities offers leadership education, training, and development opportunities that work to meet the needs and interests of all UNH students. The goal is to provide students with opportunity to explore and develop their individual potential for leadership. 

Leadership Labs

Leadership Labs is a series of hands-on, engaging workshops that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills, and to dissect and discuss salient leadership challenges our community and broader society are facing. 

Check back later for the fall 2022 schedule!

Lead UNH

Lead UNH is a 4-day, 3-night immersive experience for students that are excited to begin their leadership journey. Through the lens of positive social change, student will be challenged to make an impact in their community by developing their leadership identity, exploring group dynamics, examining leadership challenges from a systemic perspective, and committing to intentional and actionable transformation. They will also have the opportunity to build lasting connections with other students and staff from across UNH.