How to Join

Fraternity brothers tabling

While various styles of recruitment exist, the FSL community is continually looking to bring the new members that align themselves with the values of our chapters. To find out more information, please visit the respective recruitment pages of each council.

Panhellenic Council Recruitment
Interfraternity Council Recruitment  

Why become a member?

UNH Fraternity & Sorority Life means LEADERSHIP. Membership in any of the recognized FSL Organizations on campus offers students endless opportunities to develop their leadership potential and become a leader within the community. With opportunities ranging from within ones own chapter, to becoming leaders on the FSL Executive Boards that govern the FSL community; the opportunities for future development and growth are endless. Further leadership opportunities rest outside of the FSL community and the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life promotes involvement in such organizations.

UNH Fraternity & Sorority Life means ACADEMIC SUPPORT & ACHIEVEMENT. A major goal of Fraternity & Sorority Life at UNH is to assist each member in achieving their full academic potential. Assistance is always available from the University to help members achieve goals in the forms of academic support programs, established study sessions, tutoring programs and workshops, and grade point requirements.

UNH Fraternity & Sorority Life means BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD. In a 15,000+ student community, going through Fraternity and Sorority life enables students to make this large campus just that much smaller and gives them a place to be comfortable and at home. Lifelong bonds and friendships are created, and a sense of family is forged in a sometimes overwhelming environment.

UNH Fraternity & Sorority Life means INVOLVEMENT. UNH FSL members are actively involved in over 200 other student organizations on campus and are avid representatives of the community that they live in. There are intramural sports teams that take home championships, members who partake in Student Senate, and more. It’s hard to not get involved in a community like this.

UNH Fraternity & Sorority Life means PHILANTHROPY & SERVICE. Community service and philanthropy are the most important aspects of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Every year, thousands of dollars are raised for local and national charities for everything ranging from the Durham Public Library to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Service is valued so highly because it builds character by giving back to the community in which students exist.