Prospective Members

Dear Student,

Research on college students shows that involvement and engagement can have positive impacts on student learning and retention.  The inviduals that you surround yourself with during your experience at UNH will shape how you spend your time.  You will quickly find out that your co-curricular experience will play a large role in your college education.

As values-based organizations, sororities, fraternities and coed societies can offer students a powerful learning environment.  Since the first fraternity was established on campus in 1881, Greek organizations have offered students a unique set of values-centered traditions and rituals that shape students' experiences at UNH.  If you elect to "go Greek", your sisters and/or brothers will have a significant impact on how you grow and develop as these organizations offer opportunities to practice leadership, engage the greater community, and build lifelong friendships.

The Fraternity and Sorority Life community is for every student, and it is solely your choice to join a fraternity, sorority, or coed society.  If you are considering joining a Greek organization, we encourage you to make an informed decision.  When you participate in recruitment, ask difficult questions about the chapters that interest you.  Is this group recognized by the University of New Hampshire?  Do they take responsible positions on the use of alcohol?  Do they have grade point averages about the University average?  Do they guarantee that you will not be hazed, and do others tell you they live up to their commitments?  Will the chapter make you a better person?  Do they not only know their values, but do they put them into action on a daily basis?  If the answer is yes to these questions, joining a chapter can enhance your experience in Durham and beyond.

We encourage you to think carefully as you consider joining a Fraternal organization.  Again, the individuals that you surround yourself with during your experience at UNH will shape how you look at the world around you and how you spend your time.  Let our Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life staff help you as you sort through your options.  Please contact Jamie Silverstein for questions. If you decide to become a member of our Greek community, we wish you well in selecting a chapter that will help you become a better scholar and a better person.


MaryAnne Lustgraaf

Director of the Memorial Union Building