OSIL Position

MUB student employee giving out free merchandise at a fair

General Duties

  • Staff the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership (OSIL) reception area
  • Help with administrative tasks such as copying, delivering mail, answering phones, posting flyers, etc.
  • Attend regularly scheduled OSIL staff meetings and one on one meetings with assigned supervisor
  • Attend all mandatory trainings and attend one additional Memorial Union & Student Activities professional development training each semester
  • Provide customer service in a kind and professional manner
  • Work in a team setting with the other staff members
  • Staff events, programs, activities at times outside of normally scheduled shifts
  • Maintain Fraternity & Sorority Life membership data
  • Assist in staffing other Memorial Union & Student Activities programs/events as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

Online Coordination

  • Create, maintain, and update websites and social media for all of the Memorial Union & Student Activities
  • Assist students in the use of online student organization resources such as, but not limited to, Wildcat Link and the Memorial Union & Student Activities webpage

Three students standing around a Good Morning Commuters sign

Marketing and Information

  • ssist in educating the university community about the benefits of involvement through publications and resources
  • Assist in the coordination and production of resources for students, such as The Campus Connection Weekly E-mail, The UNH Community Guide, Table Tents, Toilet Paper, and the Student Org Guide
  • Assist in the management of the student organization recognition process
  • Maintain display cases and bulletin boards throughout the MUB
  • Assist in marketing Memorial Union & Student Activities programs

Financial and Travel Management

  • Assist student organizations with cash and check deposits
  • Oversee the distribution, and secure and appropriate use of credit cards
  • Train on and operate credit card machines, as needed
  • Maintain logs & files for credit card use
  • Learn and communicate financial policies and procedures
  • Review student organization travel registration and appropriate travel forms
  • Collect required documentation from student organizations for all financial transactions
  • Retrieve student organization budget reports and assist students with understanding information provided (credits and debits).

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