Operations Team

Operations Team

The MUB Operations Team is comprised of student employees working in four positions which together perform the vital functions for both building and event operations. Employees are typically hired into “Logistics” or “Information Desk” positions, and with experience, can be promoted into positions of “Service” and “Audio/Visual” team where there is more training, responsibility and autonomy required. These four positions work very closely together to ensure smooth building and event operations and top-notch customer service.

A position on the MUB Operations Team provides student employees with the opportunity for progressive advancement with a corresponding increase in responsibility and autonomous decision making. Students in all positions gain experience working with diverse populations, developing communication skills as practiced with both clients and team members, and expanding critical thinking skills as demanded by the unpredictable nature of the role and daily operations of the Memorial Union Building.

Operations Team work shifts take place at all hours when the building is open – as early as 7am and as late as 1am. While shifts are flexible, all employees work some nights and weekends.

Logistics Team

The Logistics Team is an entry level position in which student employees are responsible for building and event readiness. Work is focused predominantly on setting up event rooms, moving tables and chairs according to specific event orders. Successful candidates must be able to work independently, following written and verbal instructions and must have ability to move around the building, in and out of closets, utilizing stairs and ladders, bending and lifting to move, deploy and store various types of furniture and equipment.  

Information Desk

The Information Desk is an entry level position in which student employees are responsible for responding to client inquires related to the building and events taking place as well as to general questions presented about the University at large. Simultaneously, the Information Desk staff serves a dispatch role within the Operations Team, providing a vital communications link that allows building and event operations to run smoothly. Successful candidates will have excellent communication and customer service skills and the ability to thrive in an fast-paced environment that requires prioritization of competing demands.

Services Team

The Services Staff is an advanced position for students with experience in Logistics or Information Desk. The Services Team is responsible for client services for events as well as for general building operation including opening and closing the building, policy enforcement and emergency response. Employees are trained on basic Audio Visual equipment to operate “house” systems in major event rooms.  The Services Team is the authority in charge of the general building in absence of professional staff on most evenings and weekends. Successful candidates have excellent communication and customer service skills and the ability to use critical thinking to make independent decisions.

Audio Visual Team

The Audio Visual Team is a specialized team within the Services Staff that have received training on advanced AV systems. They are responsible for the deployment and operations of the MUB concert level equipment and digital movie projection systems.