Non-traditional Students

Who is considered a non-traditional student?

The University of New Hampshire defines non-traditional students (non-trads) as those who are 24 years or older; a caregiver, veteran, or financially independent; or somebody with an interrupted sequence of education. Today, approximately four percent of our undergraduate population fits this category.  Non-traditional students come to UNH from a variety of career and family backgrounds.  Their life experiences add a rich diversity to the campus community.

What are common challenges non-traditional students face?

Returning to school or starting college after time away from being a student can be daunting and scary.  Family and friends may not understand the reasons behind your desire to continue your education.  Maintaining a balance in life between classes, studying, family, and work is a challenge and can be stressful.  Being able to sit down with family and friends to discuss why you want to return to or start college is important.  Knowing why you are furthering your education can help those in your life to understand and be better able to support you.  UNH non-traditional students remain dedicated to their education, to their families and friends, and to helping one another deal with issues and concerns often experienced by those having challenging lives apart from a university setting.