MUB Talks

Due to COVID-19, MUB Talks are canceled for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. 

MUB Talks Spring 2020

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MUB Talks: Sonia Nazario
Sonia Nazario has spent more than 20 years reporting and writing about large social issues in the U.S. - Hunger, drug addiction and immigration - most recently as a projects reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She has won numerous national journalism and book awards. Her story of a Honduran boy's struggle to find his mother in the U.S., entitled Enrique's Journey, won more than a dozen awards, among them the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing, the George Polk Award for International Reporting, the Grand Prize of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and the National Assn. of Hispanic Journalists Guillermo Martinez-Marquez Award for Overall Excellence.

Thrust into the world of activism by the largest school shooting in American history, Parkland survivor David Hogg has become one of the most compelling voices of his generation. His call to "get over politics and get something done" challenges Americans to stand up, speak out and work to elect morally just leaders, regardless of party affiliation. Passionate in his advocacy to end gun violence, David's mission of increasing voter participation, civic engagement and activism embraces a range of issues.

Kate Fagan

Kate Fagan has been moved to the GSR. 

Kate Fagan is a sought-after speaker on athlete mental health, LGBT issues within sports, and the variables facing female athletes.  Fagan was a Columnist and feature writer for and ESPN The Magazine, as well as on-air talent for ESPN.  Kate is also the author of What Made Maddy Run, which spent one month as the #1 New York Times best-seller on the Sports list.  Can currently be seen on Outside the Lines and E:60 and is a core member of The Friday Four.  She has also made 150 appearances on Around the Horn, where she served as the show’s first female host in 2017.

MUB Talks: Rachel Denhollander
Rachael Denhollander was only 15 when Larry Nassar sexually abused her. Sixteen years later, she was the first woman to press criminal charges and publicly reveal that she had been one of the many victims of the USA Gymnastics team doctor. The decision to speak out ultimately led her to lose friends, her church community, and her privacy. Yet in so doing, she sparked a tidal wave of accusations against Nassar, revealing the appalling extent of his abuse. Now she educates and advocates, illuminating not only issues of abuse, but also the very cultural dynamics that allow abusers to remain in power. Weaving in details of her personal story, she shows how to come alongside survivors, stand against abuse, and find healing. Trained as an attorney and with considerable background in legislative and policy reform, Rachael is able to speak not only on the experience of being a survivor of abuse, but also to positively advocate for change. Armed with courage and conviction, she inspires audiences as she continues to advocate, call for accountability, and stand for those who have yet to find their voice.
MUB Talks: Werner Reich
Werner and his family were residents of Berlin, Germany when the Nazis came to power in 1933. His father, an electrical and mechanical engineer lost his job thereafter, prompting the family to move to Zagreb, Yugoslavia. His father died in 1940; in 1941 the Nazis occupied Yugoslavia. Werner’s mother placed him in hiding with several families. The last one worked for the resistance movement and Werner helped them in this work. In 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo, beaten up and jailed for 7 weeks and then sent to Theresienstadt and then Auschwitz II where he went through, in one day, three selections by Dr. Mengele. He was one of 89 who were chosen out of 60,000 – the others did not survive. He was then sent to Auschwitz I. In January 1945, after a 7 day death march, he ended in Mauthausen, Austria. After liberation in May 1945, he returned to Yugoslavia and after two years escaped to England where he worked as a laborer and later became a tool and die maker. In 1955, he married a woman who had been saved by Sir Nicholas Winton. They immigrated to the United States where he eventually became an engineer. He has two sons and four grandchildren. Werner is a frequent speaker and founding member of the LI Multi-faith Forum.
MUB Talks: Sahil Punamia

How to Land Your Dream Job or Internship in Just 30 Days!

Sahil Punamia earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UCLA in 2013. Upon graduating, Sahil received the Chancellor’s Service Award for his contributions to the university by leading a number of student organizations geared towards professional development; these included the Undergraduate Business Society, Bruin Consulting, and Sigma Eta Pi. Since graduating, Sahil has been pursuing his career as a management consultant at L.E.K. Consulting. As a Senior Associate with the firm, his casework has included: helping a Fortune 500 company with post-merger integration, creating an R&D department for a European scientific instruments company, developing a go-to-market strategy for a novel prostate cancer diagnostic test, helping shape the future of robotic surgery, and assisting various private equity clients on both buy-side and sell-side deals. Aside from his consulting career, Sahil is also the founder of The Aspiring Professional, a career-strategy company that helps college students across the nation build their careers in corporate America.