Leadership Labs

Leadership Labs is a series of hands-on, engaging workshops that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills, and to dissect and discuss salient leadership challenges our community and broader society are facing. 

Title Date Time Location Description
Leading NOW: Student Leadership Panel February 16 4pm-5pm Strafford Room  
Boundaries in Leadership March 29 6pm-7pm Strafford Room

This Leadership Lab is in partnership with Health & Wellness.

SHARPP Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Lab  April 10 6:30pm-8pm Strafford Room

Leadership has a place in every facet of our lives, even sex and relationships. Join us to learn more about how to navigate the complex language of consent, safety, and desire. We’ll also consider leadership in harm reduction when substances are incorporated. Honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month with SHARPP and this Leadership Lab.

This Leadership Lab is in partnership with SHARPP.