Core Values & Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes refers to the set of skills and competencies that the MUB strives to help students develop through their employment experience. Learning outcomes are tied directly to the MUB's mission and core values. These skills and competencies as outlined below, are cumulative over time and will augment a student’s classroom learning, more fully preparing them for post-graduation success.

MUB Core Values

  • We value being STUDENT-CENTERED. We recognize that students are the lifeblood of our Union and we will actively strive for collaborative partnerships with students.
  • We value PEOPLE. We will treat all people with respect, creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment that supports a balanced lifestyle
  • We value COMMUNITY. We will strive to create strong partnerships and relationships with both our internal and external constituents.  Collaboration and teamwork are critical to our success as an organization.
  • We value DIVERSITY. We will actively promote an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other's differences and learn from the broad mix of skills, knowledge, backgrounds, experience and lifestyles of one another.
  • We value EDUCATION. We will strive to provide opportunities for students to acquire the skills associated with life-long learning. 
  • We value EXCELLENCE. We will strive to provide our community with the highest possible quality of customer service, accessible facilities, products, programs, services and technology. 
  • We value creativity, risk-taking, and exceptional contributions made by individuals and teams. Such contributions at all levels will be encouraged, appreciated and recognized. 
  • We value FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We will emphasize fiscal accountability and resource management to remain a solvent enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

  • Student employee is able to show understanding of and be able to articulate his/her role and purpose in the organization.
    Core Value: Student-Centered, Community
  • Student employee is able to gather, evaluate and apply information in the workplace.
    Core Value: Education, Excellence
  • Student employee is able to demonstrate behaviors/skills appropriate for the work setting.
    Core Value: Fiscal Responsibility, Excellence, Education
  • Student employee is able to articulate awareness of and demonstrate personal characteristics that positively impact the work place.
    Core Value: Education, People, Excellence, Community
  • Student employee is able to work and communicate effectively with others, including people from different cultures and backgrounds.
    Core Value: Diversity, People, Community, Student-Centered, Education