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The Memorial Union Building receives hundreds of applications annually. You are encouraged to thoroughly read through all of the available information on our various student employment positions, and the expectation of student employees and to submit a substantive application that represents your ability and your desire, not for a job, but for employment at the Memorial Union Building.

Hiring Process

The various departments in the MUB have individual timelines and processes for reviewing applications, interviewing and hiring. Because of this and because of the number of applications we receive, once you have submitted an application, you will not hear back unless a department is looking to bring you in for an interview.

In general, departments try to hire in the spring time in order to train new employees and begin the fall semester fully staffed. More limited openings are available in the fall and for the start of spring semester.

An application can be submitted as long as you do not already have an application in the system. Please contact MUB Reception at 603-862-4600 if you have any concerns. Thank You.

Applications are kept on file for 4 months, after which time applicants should reapply if they are still interested in MUB employment.

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