Yamilex Bencosme

Yamilex Bencosme

University of New Hampshire

Sociology & Women's Studies


Mentor: Dr. Victoria Banyard, Department of Psychology

On Our Way to Ending Sexual Violence: Engaging Bystanders and Building Awareness

Sexual assault is a prevalent issue on the majority of college campuses in the U.S today. Recently, a great deal of attention has been given to this epidemic which has led many college communities to invest in implementing sexual assault prevention programs and centers to supports victims and survivors. In this study, secondary analyses will be performed of data collected from first year college students. The focus of the study is on understanding what factors make it more or less likely that incoming college students will take action when they see potential risk for sexual assault or relationship violence. The range of factors that encourage a bystander to intervene, the measures that effect bystanders to take action, and the importance of active bystanders will also be discussed. Bringing awareness to college communities about sexual violence will ultimately decrease the amount of occurrence of sexual assaults. Bystander intervention has been accepted as an effective method to preventing sexual violence.


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