Rory Wilson

Rory Wilson

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: Dr. Charlotte Witt, Department of Philosophy

Who We Are and How We Say It: An Exploration of Pronouns and Transgender Identities

The binary focus of man and women in today’s society presents a challenge to the transgender individual. While past research has recognized the presence of a significance of accurate trans inclusive language, the relationship between language and an individual’s identity to language has yet to be fully explored. In defining inner identity this study seeks to touch upon what makes the recognition of a person as they see themselves significant and the ethical implications of inaccurate language. This research will take a particular look at one of the most impactful aspects of the trans experience, pronouns. This study focuses on the use of 3rd person pronouns in reference to trans individuals as recognition of a person as a part of a social group. Specifically, this study seeks to define the relationship between pronouns, social identity, and gender identity for an individual to ultimately determine the nature of gender identity and the ethical necessity of the proper reflection of that identity. 


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