Roger A. Brown

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: Dr. James Farrell - Associate Professor of Communication

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: The Influence of Sports on American Politics

This study examines the influences of sports in American politics, looking at both political language and broadcast of political events. The discourse of politics is filled with descriptive terms borrowed from sports, evidence of this has been in speeches given by politicians, articles written by journalist, and language used by television reporters and anchors.

The influence of sports can also be seen in the broadcasting of political events. Looking at the televised Democratic National Convention, and comparing it with major sporting events, similarities were not only found in the language used, but also in the form, structure, and visual grammar of the televised events. The consequence of these similarities are that politics are then understood in the terms of a game. This association leads to the understanding of political and legislative process in terms of competition, where all issues are contested, and winning is the ultimate goal.

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