Rodney D. Lopez

Rodney D. Lopez

Middlebury College

Computer Science


Mentor: R. Daniel Bergeron Professor and Chair, Computer Science

Virtual Reality Tools: How and why do they work?

Over the last several years, Virtual Reality has been receiving increased media and public attention. The focus of this research is to gain a deeper knowledge of the workings of Virtual Reality and the technology behind it. The research consists of a literature review and the design and implementation of a small virtual world. The literature review was conducted in order to understand the key concepts of Virtual Reality and to determine the state of the art in the field. In order to gain a more practical understanding of the design concepts of Virtual Reality, a small virtual world was designed and implemented. After analyzing the literature and finishing the virtual world, the basic concepts have been reviewed, but due to the newness of this technology, a complete understanding of the implications of Virtual Reality has yet to be reached.

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