Phong Huynh

Phong Huynh

University of New Hampshire

Computer Engineering


Mentor: Dr. Richard Messner, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Testing and Evaluation of Biometrically Encoded Driver Licenses

The research on the impact of biometrically encoded driver's licenses is under way at the University of New Hampshire. Its effort involves the development and pilot testing of an interoperable test bed to explore aspects of implementing the reading and validation of biometrically encoded drivers licenses. My research will focus on testing and evaluation of the test bed.

This research has three steps. The first step is developing a methodology for testing and verification. Then the implementation of the method will take place. The biometric information (i.e., fingerprints) will be collect from volunteer students and faculty members to create a testing database. The idea of False Acceptance Rate (RAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) will be used to validate the performance of the test bed.

The testing and verification procedure is a critical step in the development of an interoperable testing facility that explores the encoding/decoding processes involved in embedding biometrics into driver’s licenses and the scenarios that law enforcement may use for identity checks in the field.

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