Orlando Olivieira

Orlando Olivieira

University of Rhode Island

Spatial Development


Mentor: Ross J. Gittell, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Management

Public Housing Privatization: New Strategy for Community Development

Since the inception of the National Housing Act of 1934, there has been a continuous increase of the influence and involvement of the private housing sector in the provision of public housing. The central aim of this project is to review current research on public housing considering three specific aspects.

First, this research project examines housing policies in the United States to determine their role in the transition of public to private ownership of "conventional" public housing. The literature review will look at public housing from a historical point of view, addressing issues such as: target population, public housing appropriations, public housing accessibility, and reasons for some of the program's failures.

Secondly, this study will discuss the concept of privatization and topics that fall within this concept such as the rationale of privatization and sale of public housing . The main focus, however, will be an analysis of some of the alternatives that have emerged for public housing management such as: Tenant Management where tenants organize and gain total or partial control of the development's management and Community Development Corporations (CDCs) where non-profit organizations provide affordable housing to low-income communities.

Finally, the literature review will serve as the basis for an evaluation of each of the alternatives as agents for effective community development.

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