Mary Muyia

Mary Muyia

Clark University

International Relations


Mentor: Dr. Alynna Lyon, UNH Department of Political Science

Foreign Aid in Africa: Benefit or Burden? The Case Study of Rwanda

Foreign aid has been widely explored in literature in an attempt to determine its effectiveness in developing countries. The ongoing debate has received much attention with the publication of Dead Aid: Why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa. This paper explores whether bilateral aid has a positive impact on development or enables corrupt regimes to act irresponsibly. The issue of foreign aid and development is applied to a specific context by examining Rwanda and the impact of bilateral developmental aid to economic and political development in pre and post genocide. According to Peter Uvin’s book Aiding Violence: The development Enterprise in Rwanda, the country received high levels of assistance during the 1980s and 90s. Rwanda was also perceived to be a model for development by the international community, contributing to the increase in aid both in the past and present. Thus, was the foreign assistance a success in contributing to both economic and political development in pre and post genocide Rwanda?



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