Mariaisabel Cedeno

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: Dr. Pablo Chavajay,  Department of Psychology

Cultural Variations in Children’s Involvement in Household Work

Most research on children’s contributions to household work has been based on parental perspectives. The proposed study, however, will investigate children’s perceptions about their daily work and after-school routines in their homes and community. Participants will include 50 elementary school-age children from a Mayan community in Guatemala (N = 25) and neighborhoods in Massachusetts (N = 25), United States. Semi-structured audio recorded phone or video recorded Zoom interviews, lasting approximately 30 minutes, will consist of asking children about their daily work routines and after-school activities. These interviews will be transcribed and coded to identify children’s extent and forms of daily work and after-school activities and whether their involvement in them is requested by others or self-initiated. The expected findings of this study will provide insights into the culturally varied patterns of children’s perceptions of their own daily work responsibilities and after-school activities, with consideration of how the children view themselves as contributing to sustaining the household. The findings will further the understanding of cultural nature of work across communities, in turn, expanding the literature on children’s learning and development in middle childhood.


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