Kevin Cummins

University of Vermont



Mentor: Clifford J. Wirth - Associate Professor of Political Science

Case Study: Between Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville; Ways in which developing communities can assist underdeveloped communities.

My research is a Case Study of the Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn. It appears that Bedford-Stuyvesant was in a process of greater economic development than Brownsville, although they share similar population and ethnic composition. I want to find out if this hypothesis was true and how could other communities learn from development strategies.

A literature search was done to become familiar with the history, and development of the two areas. Newspaper and journals articles to update current situations of the communities. Data was collected from a visit to the District Planning offices, and community agencies in the neighborhoods. During these visits I interviewed the Chiefs of Staffs for the City Representatives, and District Managers. The results of this research depict the two areas more similar in economic development. BedfordStuyvesant and Brownsville face the same economic and social problems, that must be addressed in similar methods of development.

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