Keshav Nepal

Keshav Nepal

University of New Hampshire

Biomedical Science


Mentor: Dr. David Townson, Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences

The Influence of OmniGen AF on neutrophil activation, ovulation rate and fertility in the female rat

Infertility among cattle is among one of the major issues challenging the dairy industry these days. Currently, the dairy industry loses at least $350 million per year due to issues related to infertility. Several factors contribute to the problem of infertility. An inability to ovulate, or “anovulation” is one of them. Additionally, the results of several studies indicate there is a strong connection between the occurrence of ovulation and the actions of the immune system, especially neutrophils, which comprise innate immunity.   In particular, large numbers of neutrophils accumulate within the ovary at the time of ovulation suggesting that activation of neutrophils plays an important role in ovulation and thus, fertility. OmniGen AF, a dietary supplement produced and distributed by Prince Agri Products, Inc. and the Phibro Animal Health Corporation is thought to enhance neutrophil activity in animals. In the current study we propose to investigate the effects of OmniGen AF on immune cell activation (especially neutrophils), ovulation rate and fertility in female rats. Results are anticipated to provide insight about whether or not OmniGen AF is beneficial to immune status at the level of the ovary by aiding ovulation and fertility. The findings could also warrant further detailed studies to investigate ovulation and thus fertility, in cattle.


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