Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald

University of New Hampshire

Communication Sciences and Disorders


Mentor: Dr. Michael Fraas, UNH Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Adults Who Stutter: The Emotions, Stress Levels, and Stuttering Severity Levels in Telephone and Face-to-Face Conversations

Adults who stutter have a fear of talking on the telephone because their speech can be interrupted and forced. Often times, an adult who stutters (AWS) can experience stuttering blocks, creating a pause in speech and can mislead the listener as to when the AWS has finished speaking. The central questions that will be addressed in the present study are: 1).Which communication event causes more stuttering: telephone communication or face-to-face communication and 2).Which situation is more stressful during a telephone conversation. A survey has been distributed among National Stuttering Association members through email. The present study examines adult stutterers’ feelings, stress levels, and stuttering frequency on the telephone and face-to-face. It also explores which aspects of telephone communication are most stressful. The study will benefit the lives and well-being of adults who stutter in similar positions. In completing this research, the results will also provide non-stuttering listeners an insight when having telephone and face-to-face conversations with an AWS. Sharing the results of this research will aid in the awareness of the difficulties an AWS experiences, as well as overcomes on a daily basis.



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