Jason D. Benway

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: William R. Woodward - Associate Professor of Psychology

The Social Construction of Asian American Counseling

Over the years a new fourth force in counseling, multicultural counseling, has risen in psychology. Growing interest in this field has been fueled by the anticipation of growing minority numbers in the future, and the failure of present counseling procedures to be effective with members of minority ethnic groups. The focus of this study was a literature review of the present issues surrounding multicultural counseling, e.g. ethics, counselors education, research, history etc. A further focus on Asian Americans and their present case was examined, which includes Asian American stereotypes, history, and research done on the ethnic group. The research consisted of an extensive review of current articles in psychological journals.

After collecting the data, I conclude that a definite need for APA action in the accreditation of counselor education programs and a revision of the Ethics Guidelines is needed. Multicultural issues are not addressed sufficiently in both areas. Also, it was found that Asian Americans have been subject to prejudice and discrimination as much as any other minority group in U.S. history and still to this day experience some of those feelings. As a group, Asians have certain values in their culture that counselors need to be sensitive to and knowledgeable about in order to effectively counsel them. It is my desire to research this area further by addressing issues not extensively studied, i.e., biracial concerns.

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