Imani Lugalla

Imani Lugalla

University of New Hampshire

Mechanical Engineering


Mentor: Dr. John McHugh, UNH Department of Mechanical Engineering

Reflecting Internal Waves at the Stratopause

Internal waves are known to be the main cause of turbulent activity within the atmosphere. Effects range from catastrophic damages on aircrafts to interrupted satellite communication systems. Previous research conducted by John P. McHugh has addressed turbulent activity at the tropopause using the 'airdyn' program, a FORTRAN program consisting of a computational algorithm to model effects of turbulence in a two layer continuously stratified fluid atmosphere. The results yielded a mean flow generated at the tropopause. The following research conducted the same experiment, using airdyn, at the stratopause. The results displayed waves reflecting off of the modeled stratopause, revealing relevant information concerning turbulence above the tropopause.



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