Erika D. Bennett-Small

University of Rhode Island

Political Science


Mentor: Dr. Carmen Buford, Instructor of Women's Studies

Unsettled Relations: The African-American woman's experience in Higher Education.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the experiences of the African-American woman in predominantly white higher education institutions. It will look at issues such as the promotion and tenure of the African-American woman, as well as her relations with men and other women in higher education It will include historical and contemporary reviews of the African-American woman's experience in higher education, it will identify her contributions to higher education and examine the racial and sexual barriers that she must confront within the institution. In order to accomplish this task, African-American female faculty and administrators from each of the higher education institutions of one state in the North East will be interviewed. The paper will conclude with recommendations for increasing equality for the African-American woman within predominantly white higher education institutions.

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