Dedrick T. Griffin

University of New Hampshire



Mentor: Paul Mroczka, Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance

The Effectiveness of Drama Therapy with Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents

The field of drama therapy was established around 1967. Being a relatively new field, it is not very widespread, and few have seen what it has to offer. This project aims to examine the work which has been done with emotionally disturbed adolescents, and expose the methodological aspects of drama therapy which are beneficial for its clients, as well as those aspects which are not as beneficial. The research examines drama therapy from its theoretical definition, why it has a particular relevance to emotionally disturbed adolescents, the contrasting aspects of individual and group treatment, and the politics of the field. The method used to deduce the findings involved library/computer research and a small number of personal interviews with professionals.

This paper also attempts to address why the field continues to be relatively unknown, and what the experts in the field need to address. The study concludes with a brief discussion of the limitations that encumbered the research.

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