Chomreun Moeung

University of New Hampshire

Mechanical Engineering


Mentor: Dr. David Watt - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Observation of Electrodeposition and Interfacial cellular mixing using electro-optic interferometry.

Phase-shifted interferometry is used to observe the phenomena of electrodeposition and interfacial cellular mixing. For the former case, it can be shown that the depleted solution lies within a sharply defined region surrounding the advancing branches. For the latter case, the advancing fingering patterns are influenced by gravity and the difference in viscosity of the two mixing fluids. For both cases, the concentration gradients are measured by phase-shifted interferometry. Two images, each containing its own phase information, are recorded. The first image taken represents the original, undisturbed reference pattern, whereas the second image represents the disturbed interference pattern. By subtracting the two images using computer software, concentration gradient values can be obtained.

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