Paul Miranda

Paul Miranda

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts



Mentor: Dr. Michael Ferber, UNH Department of English

Poesia de Cabo Verde

Poetry is one of our oldest forms of communication.  This research will focus on Cape Verdean poetry and the role that it plays in the Cape Verdean community. The importance of the project is evident in itself, in the sense that it is preserving a culture, and hopefully shedding light on a culture and a type of poetry that is not otherwise popular. s

 By pinpointing the project down to a few Cape Verdean poets it will make it easier to read, analyze, and in some cases transcribe and translate to reveal the true essence of the work.  I will also be analyzing morna a very old style of Cape Verdean music and will attempt to settle question as to whether or not morna is poetry in its most basic form, and if morna works well on the page as well as in song.

The larger part of the project will discuss two or three poets and analyze/interpret their work. The second part of the project, which will serve as a base for a larger project, will be to construct an annotated bibliography/discography of all the work I find.



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