Cathleen Turner

Cathleen Turner

University of New Hampshire

Environmental Science, Hydrology


Mentor: Dr. J. Matthew Davis, UNH Department of Earth Science

The Effects of Hydro-modification on Water Quality in the Lamprey River Watershed

Research has shown that land use changes within the Lamprey River Watershed have had a negative impact on surface and groundwater quality. Changes in land use are often accompanied by hydro-modification. Hydro-modification occurs when the hydrologic characteristics of rivers are altered because of changes in land use or by altering a river’s physical characteristics. Examples of hydro-modification on streams would be channelization, dam building or removal, and the erosion of stream banks and shore lines. These activities often result in flow alterations or compound the effects of land use that may adversely affect water quality. Through spatial and quantitative analysis, this study will assess the extent of hydro-modification and its effects on the quality of surface and ground water resources in the Lamprey River watershed. Geographic Information Systems will be used as well as BASINS, a multipurpose environmental analysis system provided by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Spatial and water chemistry data will be obtained from public and University resources. Additional areas of interest in the study include modeling future hydro-modification and assessing the potential impacts of climate change.



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