2006 UNH McNair Scholars

Eman Abureida Akam

University of New Hampshire

Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Glen Miller, UNH Department of Chemistry
Research Title: Selective Exo-hydrogenation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Effects on Solubility and Endohedral Filling

"Using harsh chesmistries, I propose to simultaneously hydrogenate and open the ends of SWCNT, exposing their hollow interior. It is hypothesized that the hydrogenated SWNTs with C-H bonds radiating from the tubes will be less inclined to aggregate and therefore show greater solubility."
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HuiGen Chen

Wheaton College (MA)

Major: Biochemistry
Mentor: Dr. Louis S. Tisa, UNH Department of Microbiology
Research Title: Effect of angiogenic inhibitors from herbal extracts on endothelial cells migration

"The focus of this research is to examine the effect of various herbs containing active polyphenolic compound as an inhibitor in vascular growth. Three different in vitro assays will be used to assess the efficacy of how polyphenolic compounds influence the growth of blood vessels."
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Connie Chu

Brandeis University
Major: Economics
Mentor: Dr. Cliff Brown, UNH Department of Sociology
Research Title: Parent and Teacher Expectations on Student Success: A Study of High School Sophomores in 2002

"This study will investigate the effects of expectations on students' academic success using National Education Longitudinal Study 2002- data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics- using a multiple regression model. Since data on student dropout rates are not available the National Educational Longitudinal Study, student expectations will be used as a substitute on student dropout rates. The focus of this study will be primarily on the influence of teacher and parent expectations of the student on the student's own expectations."
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Sandy Chu

Keene State College

Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Mebert, UNH Department of Psychology
Research Title: Negative and Positive Effects of Video Games

"This correlational study aims to measure negative effects of violent video games, find potential benefits of video games in general and validate that men, regardless of how often they play video games, have better spatial abilities than women. This study will have one hundred participants; half of whom will be female and the remaining half male."
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Benjamin Clemenzi-Allen

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Major: English
Mentor: Chris Volpe, M.A., UNH Adjunct Faculty; Dr. Robin Hackett, UNH Department of English
Research Title: Awakening (an) Aesthetic: Russian Formalism in Dialogue with L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry

"This project explores connections between the theoretical approaches of Russian Formalism and the recent American 'Language' poetry movement. Unqualified references to Russian Formalism as an influential ancestor of Language poetry pepper a multitude of essays, outlines, discussions, and introductions within this American avant-garde movement, and yet only one elucidation, by Barrett Watten, himself a Language artist and theorist, explores this profound relationship at any length."
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Jacob McChesney

Bates College

Major: US History and Medieval Studies
Mentor: Dr. Kurk Dorsey, UNH Department of History
Research Title: Overpaid, Oversexed, and Under the SOFA: U.S. Extraterritoriality in Great Britain during WWII

"This thesis will examine this SOFA issue and the British and U.S. policies behind it concerning the American G.I., relating them specifically to the reshaping of American foreign policy concerning the U.S. military."
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Triet Quang Le

University of New Hampshire

Major: Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Dr. Dale Barkey, UNH Department of Chemical Engineering
Research Title: The Effect of Electrodeposition Parameters on the Bandgap of Copper-Indium-Gallanium-Diselenide (CIGS)

"This experiment will contribute to the fundamental understanding of the effect of electrodeposition parameters on CIGS and the practical application of CIGS material to high performance solar cells."
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Megan Sullivan

University of Rhode Island

Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Robert P. Eckstein, UNH Justice Studies Program
Research Title: Professional's Knowledge of the Psychopathy Construct: Are Clinicians Bound by the DSM IV Criteria?

"The goal of this research is to measure the extent to which clinicians are familiar with the psychopathy construct. If the knowledge of clinicians concerning psychopathy are lacking, it could be demonstrated that the clinical community is perhaps missing an essential component within its curriculum. This research would help demonstrate that clinicians are not using relevant psychopathy research in making clinical decisions."
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Devon Thomas

University of New Hampshire

Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Dr. Justus Ogembo, UNH Departments of Anthropology & Education
Research Title: Ethnography of Doctrinal Conflict Within the Episcopate

"This study will focus on the conflict within the Episcopal denomination regarding the appointment of gays and lesbians as clergy within that institution. The study will highlight the tension this conflict creates between (communities) within the denomination. It will examine the structure of the denomination to ascertain where within the denomination doctrinal conflicts originate."
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