About Social Media


UNH Wildcat Stadium

UNH Marketing is responsible for the official UNH social media accounts. Colleges, departments, and organizations at UNH do an amazing job managing their individual social networks. The #UNHSocial team is an operation providing support and helping colleges, departments, and organizations formulate their own social media strategy. We also help explain the importance of measuring success through analytics & engagement.  

Gadgets & Instruments:

Some of the tools we use on a daily basis include Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Box, Iconosquare, and more than 45 social media accounts that cover the UNH brand, UNH Alumni, UNH Undergraduate Admissions, UNH Students, and more. 

Our Goal:

Showcase and promote the University of New Hampshire through our collection of online digital communities. Brand UNH as a #HigherEd leader in research, innovation, technology, academics, athletics, philanthropy, and life on campus.

Our Strategy:

Build community through sharing, engaging, and interacting with our stakeholders that highlight UNH. By cultivating and nurturing our digital communities, we’re able to promote key messages to prospective students, current students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and the entire Wildcat community. ​​