Pres. Huddleston and Provost Targett: Hate on campus will not be tolerated

Dear UNH Campus Community,

There has been an increase in hate incidents across the country, including at many higher education institutions and here at UNH. Several of our students, faculty and staff have experienced acts of hate in person (e.g., racial slurs, spitting, bullying), on social media, in rude, vulgar and vitriolic emails and voicemails.  We condemn all such acts and reiterate that we are committed to a diverse, inclusive and safe campus environment. The attitudes and acts of a few cannot overtake our community if we stand together and say “not in our house.”

Please don’t respond to the emails, Internet trolls or voice mails.  Save them and forward them to or use the form on  report it.  If you feel that you are physically in danger, please call the UNH Police Department at 603.862.1427 or email UNH Police Chief

We care about you and everyone who is part of our UNH community. As we approach Thanksgiving, a most American holiday that celebrates family and friends, let's take some quiet time to reflect and be thankful for the good in our community even as we continue to work together to make it better for all.

ignature of UNH President Mark Huddleston

Mark W. Huddleston  

ignature of Nancy Targett

Nancy Targett