Granite Guarantee


Granite Guarantee:
No Tuition for Pell-Eligible NH Resident Students

Why is UNH providing the Granite Guarantee?  

UNH is committed to removing more of the financial barriers NH residents face with higher education.  Making a UNH education affordable for the best and brightest students will always be our priority.  Thanks to UNH’s successful fundraising campaign, Celebrate 150, we have funding available to launch this program.  Student support and scholarships is the top priority of Celebrate 150.


Who qualifies for the Granite Guarantee? 

The Granite Guarantee ensures that any Pell-eligible NH undergraduate (first-year, Durham and Manchester campuses) will pay no tuition to attend UNH.  The Granite Guarantee is available to all admitted students who qualify, beginning with students admitted to the Fall 2017 semester. 


Granite Guarantee recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted to UNH as a first-year undergraduate beginning in Fall 2017
  • Be admitted to UNH as a New Hampshire resident
  • Receive a Federal Pell grant during the academic year
  • Enroll as a full time student during both the fall semester and spring semester
  • Meet financial aid application deadlines


The University expects the Granite Guarantee will impact 285 students for the fall.  21 percent of all New Hampshire undergraduates at UNH this year were Pell-eligible.


What type of funds will students receive as part of the Granite Guarantee?

The Granite Guarantee will leverage federal, state and UNH merit and grant aid to ensure that any first year Pell-eligible NH resident pays no tuition.


Are loans included as part of the Granite Guarantee? 

No.  The Granite Guarantee ensures federal, state and UNH merit and grant aid, funds that students do not need to repay, will fully cover the cost of tuition.  Granite Guarantee students may still have loans as part of their financial aid package.  Loans can be used to pay for other expenses, such as fees, room and board and books.


Can students receive the Granite Guarantee after their first year? 

Yes, provided the student remains enrolled full time, remains Pell-eligible, maintains NH residency, meets satisfactory progress toward their degree and applies for aid by the application deadline.  The Granite Guarantee is a four-year commitment by UNH, as long as students maintain eligibility.


What if I am admitted to UNH for Fall 2017 and defer my enrollment to a future semester? 

Granite Guarantee eligible students who defer their enrollment to a future semester must meet eligibility requirements in the semester in which they actually enroll.


Are current UNH students eligible for the Granite Guarantee? 

The Granite Guarantee will be phased in starting with first-year students enrolling Fall 2017.  Granite Guarantee recipients must meet the criteria outlined above. UNH maintains its financial aid commitment to current students.  Aid awards for current UNH students will remain consistent from year-to-year, assuming no substantial changes to the family’s financial situation. Current UNH students and transfer students are not eligible for the Granite Guarantee.  UNH hopes in future years, depending on continued robust fundraising and increased state support, to expand this program beyond first-time freshmen.


Does the Granite Guarantee apply to January term or summer courses? 

The Granite Guarantee covers full time tuition for the fall and spring semesters, provided the student meets all eligibility requirements.  The Granite Guarantee does not apply to January term nor summer courses.


How much financial aid were these students already getting before this program? 

Quite a bit but there was often a gap that remained which provided a large barrier for the students and families. The Granite Guarantee will leverage federal, state and UNH institutional merit and grant aid to ensure that any Pell-eligible student pays no tuition.  UNH estimates Granite Guarantee recipients will receive approximately $4.8M in federal, state and UNH institutional merit and grant aid, aid that does not include loans, in the first year.  This estimate is based upon partial information available for Fall 2017 entering first year students.


Can I make a gift to support the Granite Guarantee?

Yes. With the help of our generous donors, we hope to extend the Granite Guarantee to more Pell recipients in the future. Go to to make a gift or find more information about our campaign.


More Questions?

Please contact the UNH Financial Aid office at 603-862-3600 or