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The homepage of the University of New Hampshire ( and its top-level inside pages were designed and developed by Communications and Public Affairs and UNH Web Solutions.
The site and its content is shaped by your suggestions; we value your input! Please help us by emailing CPA at

UNH Websites

Many UNH deparment websites are internally managed. The majority of these sites are built and reside on the Drupal open-source content management platform, maintained by UNH Web Solutions. For those few sites continuing to use traditional HTML programming, a toolkit will soon be made available for public use.

UNH Social Media

The University has established guidelines are designed to help UNH employees who create or contribute to University-related electronic social media to do so in a respectful, professional, and relevant way to protect the University’s reputation and mission. We recognize the value of this medium and encourage participation by UNH units as long as it falls within their communication needs and goals.

Social Media Guidelines (UNH policies, etiquette & awareness, safety tips)

Social Media Directory (list of campus departments and groups using social media)

UNH Mobile App

The UNH Mobile Application Suite was developed as a collaborative effort between members of Information Technology and University Communications and Marketing.

Released originally on 12/21/12, the app houses numerous individual modules which serve a wide range of purposes, aimed to provide a more enriching experience and highlight the many virtues of UNH.

Learn more about UNH Mobile

UNH Today

UNH Today is distributed weekly via email to the campus as well as alumni and friends of UNH. If you have a story idea, please let us know. Placement is not guaranteed.

Please provide a summary of the story/event as well as a Web address/URL where more information is located. Events should all be listed on the UNH Master Calendar and must to be open to the general public. Ten working days notice is required for events in the calendar section.

ADA Compliance

The University, (along with the University System of New Hampshire), endorses the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the standard for World Wide Web accessibility and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Report violations.

Learn more about University efforts related to ADA Compliance

ADA Best Practices Tool Kit for State and Local Governments

Link to the UNH ADA disclaimer here:

Effective July 1, 2011, all videos, sound files and multimedia appearing on UNH web sites must be captioned in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1977, and the World Wide Web Consortium Accessibility Guidelines.