Lara Gengarelly

Extension Assoc. Professor/ Specialist, Science Literacy

Dr. Gengarelly is a Science Literacy State Specialist with UNH Cooperative Extension and an Affiliate Associate Professor with the UNH Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education. She received a B.A. in Biology and Science Education from Hampshire College (1993) and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Plant Biology from UNH (1999 & 2003). Following her graduate work, Lara was a faculty member in the UNH Education Department (2004-2014) where she taught undergraduate and graduate students, directed the internship field placements at UNHM, conducted science education research and program evaluation, designed curricular materials, and led professional development workshops for K-12 science teachers.

Dr. Gengarelly has taught science in both elementary and secondary schools. She has worked on science education projects that involve partnerships between scientists and K-12 school teachers, such as the GLOBE Carbon Cycle Project, and has provided professional development for teachers and designed curriculum, such as for the Student Climate Data project. Dr. Gengarelly’s current research investigates the underlying factors of professional development that can help educators create learning experiences that ultimately improve learners’ science literacy and attitudes toward STEM disciplines. She is particularly interested in studying how to increase the integration of authentic scientific research practices in K-12 formal and informal settings.