What is Lean?

Lean UNH is about addressing issues facing higher education; empowering employees to identify the need for change, making recommendations for improvements and implementing the improved upon solutions whilst  remaining focused on the positive impact on the UNH community.   

Lean methodology is broken down into Six phases and are listed below.  Click on the orange links below to view the detail for each of these phases. 

Lean resources such as templates and instructional sheets are available by clicking Lean folder.

Phase 1: Project Selection / Brainstorm Session

  • Identify a process to evaluate
  • Collaborative team input
  • Voting

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Phase 2: Lean Project Charter Development

  • Announce and authorize the work to be undertaken by the team
  • Develop boundaries of the process evaluation

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Phase 3: Develop Current State Process Map

  • Develop a map identifing all the steps, decision points and major assumptions about the process as it is done in the current state.  Visually present the process as it is in reality today.  

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Phase 4: Create Data Sheets / Evaluation

  • Measure cycle time
  • Measure work time
  • Identify resources performing tasks

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Phase 5: Design Future State Process

Create a map depicting ideal state of the shared vision of what your team is trying to achieve; focusing on:

  • Improved process for the customer
  • Elimination of waste
  • Motivating employees
  • Reducing work and cycle time

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Phase 6: Implementation Plan & Sell to the Sponsor

The implementation plan details the milestones needed to implement the new process and the sell articulates in a story the Lean journey of the project to the Sponsor.  

Implementation Plan focuses on:

  • Listing of milestone tasks to transition
  • Establishing delivery timeframes
  • Assigning ownership to accomplish tasks
  • Development of a Communication Plan

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