Training / Learning Opportunities

Meet the USNH Enterprise Lean Team

Utilizing an approach of collaboration, Tom and Dagmar lead employees through their Lean journey.  They support all employees at all of the University System campuses through training, mentorship, and coaching.  


Thomas Lencki Jr. | Lean Black Belt

Thomas Lencki Jr. received his Lean Black Belt Certification through the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Education and Training. Tom is a member of the Lean Executive Committee (LEC) for the State of NH and participates in the State of NH Lean network.

Tom has expertise in leading groups, workflow analysis, process improvement, and creating positive Lean cultures. Currently, a Senior Process Engineer with the ET&S Project Management and Process Improvement Office, Tom's experience includes over twenty years as a New Hampshire State Trooper.

Dagmar Vlahos |Lean Black Belt | Six Sigma Black Belt

Dagmar is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Lean Black Belt; receiving her Six Sigma Black Belt training from Fidelity Investments focusing on operational excellence and customer quality.  She continued her Lean training with the State of New Hampshire and in 2015 she received her Lean Black Belt through the State of NH Bureau of Education.  Dagmar is a member of the Lean Executive Committee (LEC) at the State of NH, participates in the State of NH Lean Network, and in partnership with the State of NH organized NH Lean Summit at UNH.  She has expertise in Full Project Life Cycle Methodologies, Workflow analysis/process reengineering, Continuous Improvement of Operational Processes including building/optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure.  Currently, a Senior Process Engineer with the ET&S Project Management and Process Improvement Office.  Dagmar’s experience includes over 15 years of various project management, analyst, and management roles. 


Why attend Lean Training?

  • My department/institution is experiencing change
  • My team members are utilizing Lean terminology and I want to get in the know
  • I want to expand my professional skills
  • I have improvement ideas and want to  learn how to act upon them
  • I have attended lean training in the past and want to re-engage
  • Any reason is a good reason to attend training

Whether you are new to lean or want to go back to the basics lean training is for you!


Introduction to Lean - White Belt

Step 1

By starting with the basics you will discover how at the conclusion of training, through the lens of Lean, you can make a difference in your work process.

Introduction to Lean class is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of process improvement through Lean concepts allowing you to make an immediate impact. 



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Lean Yellow Belt Certification

Step 2

Interested in learning how you can take the Lean concept and apply it to an actual project?

This program features a hands-on lead-in to the philosophy and methodology of Lean process improvement. Going beyond the introductory phase, participants in a group setting apply Lean techniques to an actual work process.



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Lean Green Belt Certification

Step 3

Want to learn how to be a Lean facilitator? Attend Green Belt Certification and learn how to guide a group through the Lean process via facilitation skills.


Yellow Belt Certification is required to participate in Green Belt Training.  Facilitation post-classroom training is required to obtain Green Belt Certification. 



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Lean Black Belt Certification

Step 4

Participants examine Lean principles and practices including Shingo, Kata, and Hoshin, and they conduct a capstone project to apply their skills and to understand Lean from an operational and strategic perspective.

Note: Both Yellow and Green Belt Certification are pre-requisites for the Black Belt

Coming Soon!

LEAN for Leaders - Formal and Informal Leaders

The Lean for Leaders series provides leaders with an awareness of Lean within higher education and what it means to lead in a Lean environment. It explores ways for leaders to further lean thinking at all levels of their organizations and throughout the University.  It is about learning what it means to be in a “Sponsorship” role.



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