Phase 1: Project Selection / Brainstorm Session

  • Identify a process to evaluate
  • Collaborative team input
  • Voting

Brainstorming is a technique used to spontaneously tap creativity to generate ideas. The goal is to produce as many ideas as possible, capturing ideas as they emerge. Once idea generation is exhausted, the pros and cons of each idea are considered, and solid candidates for process improvement are selected.


Invoke a brainstorming session to rapidly generate a lot of ideas or possibilities. ALL ideas are welcome / encouraged without constraint, critique or discussion.


This process captures the entire team's input, creativity, and 'out of the box' thinking.


Team members individually, without discussion, record their recommendations for process evaluation on sticky notes. These notes are then visibly displayed to the entire team.


Team members review ALL process evaluation recommendations and select their top 3 choices

  • This process helps move the team from many options to fewer options
  • Team members have an option to publicly support ideas
  • Team members review all options and select top processes that they believe warrant improvement

Top processes are presented to appropriate management for review.  Senior management selects and approves process(es) to undergo process improvement