Megan Pardy-Gokcu

UNH - Career and Professional Success
Green Belt


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. – Audrey Hepburn

I chose this quote because I feel it relates to how the work leaning out a process today will create a better future for one’s self and the team. Coming up with a future state is like planting seeds, and it can be hard to see if all the hard work pays off, but by utilizing lean, it means you can envision something better and you only have to wait (and implement the process) to see the efforts of your hard work.


The Career and Professional Success Virtual Events Process as Green Belt in 2021

The Career and Professional Success Intake (Marketing, Data, Event Request) Process as a Yellow Belt in 2019


My skills include graphic and digital design, user experience and interface design, website design, HTML and CSS coding, scrum, content management, marketing, photography, and for fun scuba diving!