Congratulations June 2018 Certified Lean Yellow Belt

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Congratulations to our latest Lean Yellow Belt class  (June 13, 2018) on achieving your goal and obtaining your Lean Yellow Belt certification.  13 higher education staff members came together to tackle improving processes related to Leave of Absence and standardizing the onboarding process for new applications.  The teams came together with their fresh eyes and facilitators in tow to review current processes, make recommendations for changes, and share their findings and outcomes with their sponsor.  

Teams were made up of higher education staff from UNH technology, UNH human resources, USNH project management, and USNH partnership and shared services.  As a group, they used their 4 days to not only learn the lean methodology but to apply it to an actual project with the goal of streamlining their processes.  

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating these individuals to the Lean family and recognizing them for their great work to continue to build a Lean culture within higher education.  

Very proud of your accomplishments and look forward to more great work.