UNH Out of the Box Service

Start the life of your computer off right. UNH Out of the Box not only prepares your computer for our network, but it also delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing if your hard drive fails, we’ll work to retrieve and restore its data, reinstall your Windows or Mac operating system, and restore its functionality - at no additional cost – for the life of your Dell, Apple, or Safeware warranty. Starting July 1, 2014, Computer Repair Services will offer Out of the Box to all UNH students, faculty, and staff, which can be added to any new or existing computer(s) purchased through the UNH Computer Store. This service is not available to non-UNH affiliates.
UNH Out of the Box will cover these costs for the life of your Dell or Apple warranty.*
 Service features include:

  • Unpacking your computer, power it up, ensure everything works
  • Configuring your computer for the UNH network
  • Setting a strong temporary password and supply instructions on how to change it
  • Joining UNH faculty/Staff computers to the AD domain
  • Loading MS Office suite for UNH departments (if purchased)
  • Removing extra trial ware (typically included on new computers)
  • Installing third party software needed for work on campus, Firefox, flash plugins, secure FTP clients, Java etc.
  • Installing latest Windows or OSX updates and updated drivers
  • In case of hardware failure, CRS will redo the above configuration steps and also attempt to back up and restore your data to your computer or on another device you provide (for example, flash drives).

Customers who purchased their computers prior to July 1, 2014 and are currently under warranty may purchase this any time, and it will stay in effect until the current computer warranty expires.

* Manufacturer hardware warranties do not cover the reinstallation of UNH software in cases of a hard drive failure, nor do they include data backups or preserve your data.